“The Toad” Muscle Rub


“The Toad” Muscle Rub – 3000 mg
Full Spectrum
Alcohol Free – No alcohol was used to extract or process the CBD.
Organically Grown.

Use Bagga Hemp Muscle rub for
1. Massage in tight muscles, sore muscles
2. Arthritis joint rub in hands and feet, knees and elbows
3. Backs of hands and finger tips to repair dry skin and soften torn cuticles
4. Use as a barrier for cuts and scratches to heal from within
5. Dry feet, knees and elbows
6. Taming wild hairs of eyebrows or beard
7. Hair to look sleek and shiny
8. Soothing to dry scalp and inflammation, promoting hair growth and moisture
9. lip repair, lip gloss, lip balm
10. help to ease cracked mouth corners
11. Soothing dry nose during a cold
12. Soothing mild sun burn
13. Easing sore skin post waxing and threading of eyebrows
14. Protecting new healing tattoos
15. Soothing razor bumps or rash



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