Butter Blossom


Do It Yourself (DIY) Smokable Bud



Do It Yourself (DIY) Smokable Bud
Umpqua Variety

Order now for delivery at time of harvest
Next day shipping to your door in a humidity controlled package. Product will be starting to dry when you receive it.
We will provide instructions to dry and cure the BUTTER BLOSSOM for your freshest, sweetest and most enjoyable smoking experience.

Anticipated harvest dates:
August 15th, September 1st and September 15th

The top of the hemp plant is the most exquisite and CBD abundant segment. We are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to receive this BUTTER BLOSSOM fresh from the field. After drying, curing and a gentle grinding, you are ready for tisane (tea), baking or smoking.

Experience hemp in a whole new way with BUTTER BLOSSOM.

Consider donating one to your school’s FFA program to show them the newest opportunity for farmers across the country. They will learn the technique to dry the plant and extract oil.

Don’t wait! Supplies are limited.


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